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5 Reasons why rest days are important


Sometimes the ‘more is better’ term can lead us towards a wrong way. It’s very easy to get caught into the overtraining trap when one lacks few important informations regarding the fitness training. Your workout schedules definitely should consist of rest days. Which would lead your muscles tissues to rest and get geared up for your next fitness schedule.


  • Your muscles grow when you rest

Many of the times lifting weights can damage most of your muscle tissues which can be recovered only through resting. Also, the resting process is what makes your muscles stronger than before. While, it’s important to take proper rest during the whole fitness process, taking a protein-rich diet also plays a major role in recovering and repairing your tissues.


  • Overtraining can cause a weight-loss plateau

We all are aware of the fact that working out too often or too intensely can lead to major weight loss. But most of the people don’t realize the fact that it can have the opposite impact as well. Due to your Body built in protective mechanisms, over-training can cause a plateau in your weight loss or might even lead to weight gain.


  • You might have trouble sleeping

Needing excessive sleep to fuel your workouts or being unable to sleep, even when you’re very tired, are both indicators that something is wrong.


  • Rest prevents injury

If you’re a regular runner you might relate to the fact that your muscles get injured most of the times while your running. In these situations resting plays a vital role.


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